7 days Delivery 1 Revision


You are booking two hours of WordPress work. Contact me before ordering for an estimate.

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Installation
  • 1 Plugin/Extension
  • Database Creation


WordPress powers over 25% the web! There’s a good chance if you’re looking at this page, you’re part of that mind blowing statistic!


This Services has been created for people who already have a WordPress website and need an experienced professional to make adjustments or add features. 


Need a new website? Check out this Services !


I have nearly a decade of experience working with WordPress.


Below are some of the most common tasks people on website have come to us to help with…


  • Migrating a WP website from one server to another
  • Backing up or cloning an existing WP website
  • Installing a new plugin for WordPress
  • WordPress error debugging & fixing
  • Implementing security measures for WordPress
  • Adding contact forms to WP
  • Adding content to pages on your site
  • Optimizing your site’s speed


Don’t see your needs listed? That’s OK – feel free to contact us with your specific needs and I’d be happy to help you.